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{Mother's Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor} The Laundry Tarts


The Laundry Tarts are a unique planet friendly company that offers a funky spin on everyday laundry products. They offer a safe alternative to commercial products.

The Laundry Tarts are extremely passionate about the environment and are dedicated to providing products that do not harm the environment.  We have made a commitment to the earth to use only safe ingredients and follow that commitment in everything we do and make. The Laundry Tarts adheres to a 100 mile rule, where all the ingredients, packaging, labels and manufacturing occur within a 100 mile radius, reducing carbon emissions and encouraging environmental awareness.Our products are completely biodegradable (including the packaging), hypoallergenic, 100% vegan and free of phosphates, EDTA, phthalates, parabens, SLS, SLES, nitrates, sulphites and chlorine (we are also one of the only companies to list ALL of their ingredients without misleading the consumer) ! What do we use? All natural, safe old fashion ingredients to remove stains, keep whites bright and remove odor and bacteria without masking them with harmful chemical fragrances. We use only phthalate free oils, meaning no ingredients will be left on your clothing; only a fresh, clean smell from dissolving odors-not masking them with synthetic fragrances.

I was sent a 10 pack sampler of the many different “flavors” of their tarts.

Untitled 1sample

The following flavors were included in my sample pack – Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Birthday Cake, Black Forest Cake, Bubblegum, Key Lime Pie, Pina Colada, Unscented, Rootbeer Float, and Strawberry Shortcake. My favorite scent out of the bunch was the Strawberry Shortcake, while my least favorite was the Pina Colada. I am just not that much of a coconut fan.

I did not try this laundry out on any cloth diapers, but I did try it out on some stinky work clothes, and it worked wonders! I was not sure if it would work with the cloth diapers that I just received, but I emailed The Laundry Tarts and they assured me that it works fabulously on cloth diapers.


- Sodium Bicarbonate
- Sodium Carbonate
- Sodium Percarbonate
- Sea Salt
- Saponified Coconut/Canola Oil
- Rosemary Extract
- Phthalate Free Essential and Fragrance Oils

Directions for Standard Top Loading Machines

For small loads use 2tbsp. For medium to large loads, use 4tbsp. For best results, hang to dry. For heavy or stubborn stains, soak for 1 hour or make a paste and scrub lightly with old toothbrush or natural bristled scrubbing pad. Cold water safe.

What I LOVED the most about my tarts!

- I loved that it smelt really good before the wash, but didn’t make my clothes overly powerful smelling.
- I loved that it got my dirty clothes cleaned just like the commercial gunk.
- I loved that it was powder and allows for easy clean up.
- I loved that I can have a variety instead of the same old smelling commercial smells.

What I Disliked about my tarts

- I was really disappointed that my clothes didn’t come out smelling like a freshly baked apple pie, but hey a girl can only dream, right?


"You should attach a warning label to your detergent:  WARNING: MAY CAUSE SHOCK AND DISBELIEF...are my diapers supposed to be that clean?"
 Rhonda Rogers, Sweet L'il Dimples
"I use the Laundry Tarts on my regular laundry. It's the only lovely smelling detergent we've ever found that doesn't have my husband and I breaking out in hives! So gentle on our skin and the clothes come out nice and clean everytime!"
 Malina Dockendorff
"OMG, OMG!!! I have used my TLT 3x on my diapers and they are brighter, cleaner, less dingy, and smell 10x better!!! It also got fresh strawberries out of a top after soaking for only 1hr!! So happy I found you wonderful ladies"
 Jamie-Lee White
"Laundry Tarts is wonderful! We've had so many cloth diaper laundry issues, and switching to Laundry Tarts seems to be the best move we've made! The scents are amazing and so far I think cherry pie and rootbeer are at the top of my list. This detergent rinses out so well I was able to modify my cloth diaper laundry routine to eliminate an entire rinse cycle! And there are no residual scents, just clean diapers! Most importantly, my baby's sensitive skin has no problems with Laundry Tarts. Thank you so much for such an amazing, Canadian product! I can't wait to try the rest of the scents!"
Shaunna Cartwright
"I was suffering from crunchy ammonia filled diapers and a 20 minute soak in The Laundry Tarts detergent fixed all my problems! It removed old set in stains and made things whiter and brighter and smelling wonderful. I've tried a LOT of sample scents because they all sound so yummy i want to try them. So far my favorites are birthday cake, cinnamon buns and grapefruit. (although red velvet cake sounds like a contender)
This stuff is 100x better than (its competitors) PLUS its Canadian and eco friendly."
 Heather Arn

Buy It! You can purchase the sampler pack of 10 {ARV $21.45}


WIN IT! Be on a look out for a prize pack that will not only include this sample pack, but plenty more of cloth diapering goodies

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  1. I'd love to try the strawberry shortcake.

  2. I'm a sucker for anything that smells like Pina Colada!


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