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{Review} MaliMoo Baby

Malimoo Baby - Malimoo Maternity

Malimoo Baby is a unique website that I discovered via the web. They specialize in all things mommy and baby. They have materity clothes and cute little baby clothes. I was graciously sent the following sleep sack to show you all.

{I chose to use the pictures of the site due to the fact that my camera refuses to take a decent photo, plus I think their photos are great and show the true quality of the product}

I would like for you all to meet Mr. Owl. He is trully a wonderful addition to any baby's wardrobe :] For those of you who haven't heard anything about SIDS and how to prevent it, then this next little piece is for you. To sum it up, SIDS is a "disorder" in which the baby stops breathing and usually dies. One of the things that you can do to prevent that unimaginable thing from happening is to use the sleep sack as a blanket on your little one at night, instead of using a blanket, in which they could get tangled up in and end up suffocating from.

This sleep sack is so easy to use that it will become an easy adaption to any schedule. Simply unzip it and place it over their heads or unbutton the sleeves and slide them in. It is extemely flexible so that it can hold a newborn up to a 6 month old, or older {if your baby is short :]}

Here is what the expets say...

What a wise choice! Whooo can resist "My Little Night Owl," Baby Aspen's dreamy snuggle sack? It's almost too cute for words, but we'll find some! How about unique? Adorable? Huggable? The bright spot at the baby shower? And, of course, the most original baby gift a new mom and dad can receive! Why not send the best to their nest? Features and facts:
  • Enchanting, owl-inspired snuggle sack and cap with plush, ribbed fabric outside and comfy-cozy 100% cotton inside
  • Snuggle sack is ribbed, camel-colored polyester with rich-brown jumper-like fit at the top, an applique that says My Little Night Owl,a round, gold tummy with white, diamond-shaped accents and a plush, green wing on each side
  • Easy open-and-close snaps at the shoulders and zipper on the bottom for quick access
  • Matching cap has owl-like ears, two wide eyes, an orange beak and crest and braided-fabric ties with fuzzy balls on the ends
  • Snuggle sack and cap arrive on a tree branch-shaped cardboard hanger
  • Machine-wash cool and line dry
  • Size 0-6 months


Above is an additional gift set that you could purchase separetaly to go along with the sleep sack!

What I love about my Owl Sleep Sack...

- It is warm and soft against baby's skin.
- It keeps her warm throughout the whole night without me worrying that her tootsies will get cold or her pulling the cover over her head.
- It washes extremely well. Just toss it in with her other clothes and no need to worry about extra fuzz or lint.
- I love the design and the overall appearance and quality of the product.
- I love the fact that the clothes hanger it arrives with looks like a branch and that it is sturdy enough to use over and over again.

What I dislike about my Owl Sleep Sack...

- I dislike the fact that it only fits up to a size 6 months. I wish they were a little bigger.


Malimoo Baby


Thanks for stopping by and reading my thoughts on my new sleep sack. Thanks to Malimoo for the amazing product! Stay tuned for more upcoming reviews!

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