Tuesday, February 28, 2012

{Guest Post} When I’m Not Reading {Liz Reinhardt}



I am a writer. In a dream world, that would mean that I had an office filled with books I love and an ergonomic chair to relax in and snacks that are in endless supply and don’t put me into a sugar coma. The reality is that I have a laptop that moves with me wherever I go and lots of super fun distractions that sometimes make it a challenge to get my chapters done!
Before I was a writer, I was an English teacher. Before that I worked at Home Depot in the décor department. I was also a waitress at a 50’s style drive-in restaurant and a busgirl in a diner. And a museum guard. And a writing tutor. I’ve been working since my dad got me my first under-the-table job when I was fourteen, and writing is definitely my favorite job!
I love my kid, and she’s super distracting. She’s been on a Star Wars kick. My husband and I both really like Star Wars, but not so much that we expected to have a Star Wars geek on our hands. She watches the movies every chance she gets. The other day she wore a ‘long, flowy white princess dress’ (her flower girl dress from my brother’s wedding) and wanted ‘swirly buns like Princess Leia.’ I put her hair in two little buns and her eyes filled with tears. “No, Ma! Not like this! Swirly ones, like circles!” So I looked up how to do Leia buns on Youtube. You use socks…it’s very cool, and the buns came out fairly great considering my novice skills!

I’m also a wife, and my husband is super cool. When we were dating he worked weeks and weeks of overtime so he could surprise me with my first laptop on Christmas (which was a huge deal, because laptops were so expensive, and we were so poor!). He’s been a huge cheerleader for me while I debated what steps to take next as a writer. The funny thing is, he isn’t a big reader at all.
Every few years he reads Of Mice and Men by Steinbeck, and he reads to our girl, but he’d rather be working on his truck or doing some insane home improvement project. I think that makes it extra cool that he’s so supportive of my writing, since it’s not something he has any personal interest in at all.
I also have the world’s sweetest dog, a Boxer named Duke. He was my sister’s husband’s dog, but when he deployed overseas, we took Duke in and fell in love. And we’re never giving him back! 
When I get half a second of free time, I read! I read like crazy, all the time! I love documentaries, ‘cause I’m weird. I really don’t like cooking, but I love eating, and I’ not picky at all. I want to try everything! I love to plan big, crazy vacations for when I’m filthy rich. Rome, I’ve got my eye on you! And I’m a music nut. I love to find new bands and make long, complicated playlists that perfectly express my characters’ feelings. If you’ve read my books and have song ideas for the characters, please, please let me know! I LOVE hearing what other people would put on a playlist for Brenna, Saxon, and Jake!

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