Monday, December 12, 2011


WOW! Today has gone by super fast today. My great-grandpa is in the hospital today due to what the doctors said to be sepsis, which has to do with the blood. He is a fighter. He is in ICU and they had to put a tube up his nose. He told them that he was feeling better and was going to go home :] He is 87, and is still going strong, no way is he going to go down without a fight! I started the day out by clipping coupons from yesterday and then sorted them into their perspective folders. My plan was to sort through the individual folders in my coupon box and get the expired ones out and into a separate bag to send to the military families {they can use expired coupons up to 6 months after their expired dates}. I made it through one folder and then my mom called and she asked me if I was going to do coupons all day. I told her no, and then asked her what time it was. It was 2 PM. I was like all my goodness. So I finished what I was doing and did my household chores and then got started cleaning the bedroom. Here is how my bed looked before all the baby clothes were folded. All these clothes come from wonderful people that have passed them on to me :]




Tonight for supper we had sausage, potato and broccoli skillet. It was good! After supper I finished putting up all the baby stuff and the room is back in order for Christmas!! Now I am gearing up to watch Cake Boss: The Next Great Baker, and to also post some reviews, and check out some awesome giveaways!


Hope your Monday is AWESOME!

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