Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Today's TRT is inspired by this amazing article that I read about a week back! If you want to check out that article, just click here.

So, this article that I read is titled, "16 Things We'd Do If Locked in a Bookstore Overnight" and it is everything that an article should be. Easy to read, humorous, and centered around books. 

I thought that I would do my own list, but shorten to my top 10. 

I present to you:

Yes, I'll admit that it is HIGHLY unlikely for you to get locked in your favorite bookstore on "accident." And please, do not think that this is me encouraging you to try and spend the night in a local bookstore. I believe that somehow it is illegal, no matter how fun it may seem. But, if the chance does occur, take it! You may find yourself asking, where exactly would you start? Well, I'm here to help you with that!

1. Coffee. Every book reader knows that a hardy cup of Joe is needed if you want to make a dent in that beautiful new novel of yours. Find the coffee pot, whether it's a simple 12 cup pot or a fancy pants espresso maker!

2. Explore The Store. There are always certain parts to a store that customers are not allowed, and you always find yourself craving to go to those places. Well, here's your chance! Go in to that back room marked "Employees Only" and explore your little heart out! Who knows, maybe you'll find a stack of your favorite authors new book that you haven't read yet.

3. Make A Fool Of Yourself. Feel free to squeal with joy when you find that one book that you have been wanting to read for ages, but could never spare the cash to buy it. Sit in the middle of the aisle and cry as you hold that desired book and read, read, read.

4. Gather Your Army. Find every book that sparks your interest and grab it! You have a lot of reading time on your hands, here.

5. Make A Book Fort. I know you've seen the pictures on the internet of someone sitting and being completely surrounded by books, that feeling of envy heavy in your chest. Well, now is your chance! Make walls of books around you and take a deep breath. You smell that? It's the smell of happiness.

6. Coffee Break.  Untangle yourself from your book fort and refuel! You don't want to fall asleep in the middle of an author's work! Imagine how insulted they would be!

7. Pictures Galore. You're going to want to remember this for a while, so go ahead and start taking all sorts of picture. Pose with your favorite books. Snap a picture of your book fort or your refilled coffee cup.

8. Encore! Grab your favorite novel and head to the front of the store. Start reading it aloud as if in front of an audience. Act out your favorite scenes, be dramatic!

9. Prepare For Take-Off. Your time is almost up and the store's manager will be there soon to start opening the store. Get rid of all evidence that you were there.

10. Goodbye Kiss. Start saying goodbye to your favorite novels and place them back on the shelves. Maybe not in their rightful place, though. These books need to be seen! They need attention! Place them at the front of the store on the "Best Sellers" shelf. Then, take a step back and smile. You have made it through a night at the bookstore. Now it's time to split. Take the back door out and head home for some well deserved sleep.


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  1. I love this idea and it would be totally rockin to spend the night in a bookstore, well just as long as I had food.


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