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{Review+Giveaway} April’s Baby–Beatles Cloth Diaper

While surfing around the web one night I came across this adorable little diaper that was created by April at April’s Baby. After emailing and working things out with April, she agreed to let me review it! So without further ado I would like for you to meet the Beatles…

Beatles AIO

To be honest, I was a little skeptical at first. I have been curious about cloth diapers for a few years now, and I have been debating whether or not to use them for my future children. Being sent the cloth diaper above has showed me that there is so much more versatility to using cloth vs. disposable. One of the things that I struggled with the most on why I didn’t want to use cloth {at first} was the mere fact that I didn’t want to wash poopy diapers. I felt a little better after reading this statement on Green Mountain Diapers, that stated:
Here's our favorite method: Run a cold wash cycle first. Then hot wash on regular cycle. Extra rinse. That's it. Easy!
This seems really easy! Here is what April has to say about her diapers and her store:

Your diaper will come to you in the smallest rise setting. To adjust simply unsnap, and re snap in the appropriate rise setting. All fabrics have been prewashed, so your diaper is ready for use. As with all cloth diapers, it will continue to gain absorbency through 3 – 5 washes. As this diaper has what is considered a layer of “hidden PUL” it is recommended that the diaper not be used for long naps or overnight as some wicking may occur making it uncomfortable for baby. 
Care: Unsnap the soaker. Machine wash warm, extra rinse; tumble dry low or line dry. Use cloth diaper friendly detergents (Rockin Green, Tiny Bubbles etc.) and no fabric softeners.
Contents: Outer fabric , 100% cotton, Polyurethane laminate inner ( to maintain waterproof capabilities), 100% organic cotton Sherpa inner. Soaker pad and booster made with unbleached terry bamboo. 
A brief note about april’s baby… 
I strive to make adorable and eco friendly items for babies and their mamas. I am a mom to three amazing children aged 5, 2, and 8 months. I am a cloth diaper advocate who maintains that cloth diapering can be easy, affordable and fun. When I started cloth diapering I was not out to save the world. I did it hesitantly upon my physician's suggestion that it may solve my daughter’s continuous urinary tract infections. She went through every test imaginable and the physician felt that it could be the chemicals in the disposable diapers giving her trouble. How could I not give it a try? 
From there, I fell in love. I am excited to share my love of cloth with others. I bought a sewing machine and taught myself how to sew. After a little experimenting, I decided to sell my creations for other to enjoy. Every day I try to improve upon the choices and decisions I make for both the Earth and my family. I also give back. For every sale made, I put $0.10 towards cloth diapering a baby in need. 
I ask that if the diaper has any life left in it when you are finished using it, that you pass it along to a friend, family member or donate it to a local women’s shelter or midwife practice.
From my family to yours...

What I love about my AIO diaper…

- It has the Beatles fabric!
- It is soft against baby’s skin
- It has enough absorbency without making the diaper too “thick”
- It grows with baby from newborn to the toddler year
- It saves money on buying disposable diapers

What I dislike about my AIO diaper…

- This doesn’t really have anything to do with the diaper, but I am still hesitant about washing them after use
- I don’t have the ease of using disposable diapers and throwing them away :]



April has offered up a custom one size diaper cover to {1} winner! You can chose from any of the fabrics that she has available.


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Thank you April for allowing me the opportunity to test drive one of your creations!


  1. I am really in love with this particular item....but they are all so freaking cute :D

  2. Newborn Diaper Cover - Colourful dots is very cute and colorful! (livivua chandler)

  3. I would LOVE to have this AIO but in a size that fits 25+ lbs

    Also, I think it would be killer split with another fabric ;)

    1. thanks Natural Momma! I might just have to make one :)

    2. Thanks Natural Momma. I may just have to make a bigger one!

  4. I love this newborn AIO

    debnmike moretti
    dmoretti1967 at yahoo dot com

  5. I think the One Size Cloth Diaper Cover - fits 10-35lbs Sugar and Spice is the cutest little diaper!!!

  6. I love the soccer AIO diaper
    Abbie Neary

  7. So... Did you actually USE the cloth diaper? o.O I'm very confused by your post. Also Why are you worried about washing it? lol... It takes about 5 minutes to pre rinse a full load of diaper laundry to get rid of the poop and then it's a regular wash cycle... your machine does all the work!


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