Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday's Question?

Have you ever received a TV and then got home and realized you didn't have anything to put it on? I have. CSN has the amazing TV stands that can put an end to this problem. No more watching the TV that is setting on the ground below eye view, hello to watching TV from a new level.

So my Friday question to you all is...what is your TV currently setting on? Any tutorials or ideas on how to spruce up your TV or stand?

I hope everyone participates and I also wanted to remind you of my upcoming CSN review and the Dreaming of Books Giveaway hop located in the top right sidebar.


  1. It is so funny that you made a post like this because I really hate my TV stand! It's shaped so it fits in the corner, rounded in the back, bi-level and wide open! You can see all the wires through it and it's too short for TV. I have a beautiful 50" and it sits on this crappy table :( I no longer believe it can be improved, only replaced! Thanks for giving me a place to vent!

  2. Definately a curious topic but we have our TV sitting on a stand we bought from Ikea a little while ago. It took us almost four hours to put together, something I'll never forget.


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